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Body Treatments


Pink Himalayan Salt
Relaxing Body Treatment

55 min | $85

Unwind, relax, and soothe your senses with this luxurious service. Using effleurage technique and essential oil, a gentle but firm stroke will reduce tension. Next stones radiant with heat will be applied allowing for a deeper relaxation to tired muscles.


Increase the benefits with frequent visits. The benefits of bodywork are compounded when massage is utilized as a frequent therapy. The more you get, the more it does.

Body Wrap

1 hr 20 min | $110

Using a scented sugar scrub, the body is exfoliated followed by warm towels to remove the scrub. A moisturizing body mask is applied, and you are fully wrapped to allow the mask to warm and penetrate the skin. While you are wrapped, gentle stroking of the face and head follows to release the day’s tensions. After a brisk, refreshing shower, an application of moisturizing essential oil completes this pampering service.

Body Scrub

55 min | $85

For those looking to give your skin a total glow of softness and relaxation, this is for you! A scented scrub is applied to remove dead skin cells followed by a shower and application of a body moisturizer. This experience will leave your skin glowing.


45 min | $55

This massage concentrates on reflex points on the feet that correlate to specific organs and body parts.


1 hr | $55

An ancient Japanese form of natural healing through which energy is channeled through a practitioner’s hands to the person receiving the Reiki treatment. The laying of hands on a particular area of the whole-body transfers positive healing energy. The client remains fully clothed, and if preferred, need not even be touched. Clients with fibromyalgia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, stress, depression, and migraines will benefit from Reiki treatments as well as chemotherapy patients.

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