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What To Expect At Your Appointment

  • All of the staff members will wear masks while in the spa space.

  • Guests are required to wear their own face masks upon entering the spa and in the main spa space.

  • The guest services staff will text/call the client to advise them that they can enter the building

  • The guest will enter the spa and report to the front desk to check in and pay for their service – please note that the clients have been supplied with a touchpad pen to sign their charges with. The Clover stations are disinfected after each use.

  • The guest will visit the hand-washing station and wash their hands prior to entering the treatment areas of the spa.

  • Customers having nail services will be presented with color samples to select their polish from. The wheels are disinfected by the front desk staff after each use..

  • Upon leaving guests will be encouraged to use the hands free hand sanitizer following WHO guidelines
    (We will wave goodbye but see you again soon).

  • Please bring exact change for tipping your amazing practitioners as we will not be handling cash or making change The practitioners VENMO account information is available at the front desk if you prefer to tip using that method.

Thank You!

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