Dry + oily skin all in one? It's a puzzle we can solve.

Combination skin is a presence of oil and dryness in one skin type, usually excess oil on your t-zone, and dryness on your cheeks. This 3-step system of full size products targets and rebalances combination skin – without causing dry areas to get drier, or oily areas to get oilier.


3 Step Mini Starter Set - Combination Skin

  • Includes mini sizes of:

    Flash Foam Cleanser, 1.75 fl oz. -  exfoliating cleanser with papaya, pineapple + pumpkin enzymes
    Give daily cleansing a boost of exfoliation with this flash foaming enzyme cleanser that washes away makeup, dirt and impurities. Each puff contains pumpkin, papaya and pineapple extracts to gently exfoliate dulling surface flakes, leaving skin soft, smooth and refreshed.

    Equalizer, 1 fl oz. -  hydrating toner mist to refresh and nourish with natural plant extracts
    Delivers needed hydration to rebalance and nourish just-cleansed skin. Refreshing and gentle, it helps prepare skin for the next product. Its non-drying formula is laced with plant extracts and essential oils.

    Absolute Moisture, 1/4 fl oz. - lightweight moisturizer with self-adjusting hydrators to balance combination skin.
    This combination skin moisturizer features intelligent self-adjusting hydrators that balance water-to-oil levels, so every area gets the exact amount of hydration it needs. Formulated with moisture-binding humectants, plus avocado, almond and jojoba oils that absorb quickly, leaving no oily feel or shine. skin is smooth and soft, and lines are less visible.